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Hi! I'm Lesley, a 20-year old female from Holland. I'm a tv-show addict, guitarist, computer addict, enthusiastic gamer, singer and sometimes I'd like to think that I'm a writer. For those interested, I'm studying to become an English teacher.

What can you find on here? Probably some...Castle, NCIS, One Tree Hill, Firefly, Dark Angel, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza place, Who's line is it anyway? And let's not forget the thousands of movies that I have watched/want to watch. This is definitely a multifandom blog.

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Me. Today. Shit.

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"how’s school?"


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Patrick Dempsey as Ronald Miller in Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)

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maybe the little bruises and cuts that show up on your body seemingly out of nowhere are actually little injuries that happened to your soulmate and you get the same marks on your skin as them

write a book

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Castle Season 6 bloopers

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Schrodinger’s Script: If an “I love you” is written into a script and acted out, but doesn’t make it into the final cut, is it or is it not canon?

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Castle season 6 bloopers

Stana is 100% done with your shit Nate

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New still of Chris Pratt in Jurassic World (2015)

i’m a heterosexual man and i’m screaming

I think the award for the most gorgeous movie still has now been won



New still of Chris Pratt in Jurassic World (2015)

i’m a heterosexual man and i’m screaming

I think the award for the most gorgeous movie still has now been won

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After spending all day in school, our children are forced to begin a second shift, with more academic assignments to be completed at home. This arrangement is rather odd when you stop to think about it, as is the fact that few of us ever do stop to think about it.
Instead of assuming that homework should be a given, or that it allegedly benefits children, I’ve spent the last few years reviewing the available research and talking to parents, teachers and students. My findings can be summarized in seven words: Homework is all pain and no gain.
The pain is obvious to kids but isn’t always taken seriously by adults. Backpacks stuffed with assignments leave students exhausted, frustrated, less interested in intellectual pursuits and lacking time to do things they enjoy. “Most of what homework is doing,” says literacy expert Harvey Daniels, “is driving kids away from learning.”
We parents, meanwhile, turn into nags. After being away from our children all day, the first words out of our mouths, sadly, may be: “So, did you finish your homework?” One mother told me it permanently damaged her relationship with her son because it forced her to be an enforcer rather than a mom.
The surprising news, though, is that there are virtually no pros to balance the cons. Even if you regard grades or test scores as good measures of learning, which I do not, doing homework has no statistical relationship to achievement in elementary school. In high school, some studies do find a correlation between homework and test scores, but it’s usually fairly small. And in any case, it’s far from clear that the former causes the latter. And if you’re wondering, not a single study has ever supported the folk wisdom that homework teaches good work habits or develops positive character traits such as self-discipline, responsibility or independence.

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Shit I knew in school but was unable to articulate.

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Oh how greatly I agree with this and how I will always help my children with their homework. I keep them on track as pleasantly as possible, encourage breaks and let them find answers online or in the book. 

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If they miss you, they’ll call. If they want you, they’ll say it. If they care, they’ll show it. And if not, they aren’t worth your time.
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Seeing quotes like this makes it more bearable that almost every one of my friends has left… but only superficially:

If everyone follows this, most friendships would evaporate, with both sides ever waiting on the other. It’s better to try to keep in contact regardless of their actions; if they do not reciprocate, perhaps they’re going through hard times. Though if the disinterested stillness continues unabated, ‘tis time to let them go and try finding friends anew.

Still, I seem to be doing that more often than I’d like.

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I’m gonna go with… Kitkat! My favourite chocolate snack. :)